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Professor David Murray
M.A., MD. F.R.C.S

Practice telephone number:01865 307528.

Professor Murray's Practice is confined to hip and knee surgery His areas of particular interest are partial and total knee replacement resurfacing and total hip replacement revision hip and knee replacement hip arthroscopy for young patients with hip problems knee arthroscopy and soft tissue knee reconstruction.

NH5 Appointment Corsultant hip and knee surgeon at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford.

University Appointment Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Oxford University.

Graduated 1983. Cambridge University (Honours degree in both medicine and engineerying).

Professor Murray is involved with teaching both hip and knee surgeons. He runs twelve unicompartmental knee replacement courses each year and has trained many surgeons worldwide in partial knee replacement. He is also involved in teaching surgeons on resufacing hip replacements and total hip replacement.

Professor Murray runs a large research programme directed towards improving the treatment and prevention of hip and knee problems. His major clinical contributions have been developing minimally invasive knee replacement with the Oxford knee and in developing hip resurfacing instrumentation.

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